Don't be Put Off by their Different Ethnicities: This Team is All American!


magical assitant, dancer

"Pageantry is a way of life, but life is a way of living it." These words sparked the fire that burns inside the beguiling Ramsey. A former three-time Miss Watsonville semi-finalist, Ramsey's desire to reach the pinnacle of medium-risk entertainment has led her to embrace Stallion's aromatic brand of tough, angry love.


stage assistant, dancer

Employee by day, dancer by night, Jewish by morning, Felix comes from an energetic family of urban movement pioneers. His go for it demeanor and "Mazel Love" attitude have made him a breakout sensation in the local groove scene. As founding member of Riblets - The Alfonso Ribeiro Appreciation Posse, Felix hopes his experience as a member of Team Cherokee will take him to the all-pro level!
  NAME: Trish Trang

illusion assistant, dancer

Before she met Stallion, life wasn't kind to the famously flexible Trish Trang. A child of the streets, Trish was taken in by an orphanage, where she soon became the victim of excessive bullying by the other mischievous street urchins. To ensure her safety, the sisters at Saint Josephine's Holy Trinity of the Sacred Apostles wisely put her back on the streets. Forced to perform to survive, Trish honed her mystical skills through years of intense wandering and occasional thievery. Thanks to Stallion's guiding hand -- and countless body cleansing workshops -- now she bullies life!

  NAME: Kabar
Public Outreach

Kabar used to pretend he was a hit singer in his country. But ever since plugging into Cutting Edge Magic, Kabar has become more successful...with women, with work, with LIFE!